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9 hours ago

A.R. Rahman
உழவர் திருநாள் வாழ்த்துகள்!

உழவர் திருநாள் வாழ்த்துகள்! The Sunshine Orchestra ... மேலும்மேலும்


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The BGM connecting the song .... out of the world sir <3 <3 vera level orchestration. Waiting for it <3

Wow.. Finally ua dream come true moment. !! I still remember ua first interview about the plan for sunshine Orchestra... Now they started to shine..!!

Orchestral version is beyond words! Overloaded enthusiasm💜💜💜 #ARR guruve!💜💜🙏🙏🙏

Love you Rahman and Sunshine orchestra

தொடர்ந்தும் தமிழருக்கு பெருமை சேர்க்கிறீர்கள். மகிழ்ச்சி. நன்றி

They were amazing in the concert few days back 👍👏

That's amazing sir

Waiting waiting waiting waiting.. dead or alive

en fin que bonita idea lla ay traducion gracia A.R RAh MAN 🍀🌏 ASI PUEDO SEGIRTE MAS <3 LINDO COPOSITOL Y INTERPLETE A.R.

தமிழ்... தமிழ்....


Woww Thalaivaaaaa😍😍😍😍

Wow.. Good to go 😍😍



வாழ்த்துக்கள் தலைவா

Good night sir ☺



Sema Thalaivaaaaaa...😍😍😍

உழவர் திருநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

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2 days ago

A.R. Rahman
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Devi ji pushing the boundaries playing Bach on the Veena... ... மேலும்மேலும்


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what is bach??

Thank you so much Rahman ji 🙂

"ఆత్మ విశ్వాసం లేనిది వాయువు అగ్ని జలం భూమి ఆకాశం ఇవి మన పరిధిలో ఉండవు అందుకే మనిషికి స్థితప్రజ్ఞత అవసరం. "వేషం మారిన ఆత్మ ఒక్కటే _ ఋతువులు మారిన కాలం యొక్క రూపం మారును. GOOD MORNING HONOURABLE.

I am going today by Air Canada in Mumbai through London.I will stay in Mumbai 16 days and on 31st January will go Kokata and will return in Toronto on 2nd March,2018.

If one can play a Thyagaraja kriti on the violin. ...I think playing Bach or Beethoven on the veena is definitely wonderful. ....very innovative indeed.

This is just extraordinary!

Dear team, request you to please upload the pictures of concert meet and greet at Chennai YMCA

Hello AR Rahman sir I am big fan of you sir I am a Urdu Poet too I want you sing a Ghazal written by me. I am a poor guy please sir reply me. It will be a great honor for me.

Rahman sahab kewal gane bajane se kucha nahi hone wala manusy janm barbar nahi milta bhagwan dharti pr aye hu hai bhakti kr lo Must know sadhan chanel 7:40 se

अब ना हों बिल्कुल निराश, होने जा रहा है अज्ञान का पर्दाफाश। ना रहेगी कोई शंका, ना कोई सवाल, बस एक बात का रखना का ख्याल। आज शाम को आएंगे बन्दी छोड़ भगवान, लेकर आपकी समस्याओं का समाधान। 6:30 बजे होगा इसका प्रसारण, साधना चैनल होगा माध्यम। So you all are requested please watch this valuable spiritual knowledge given by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji. Don't miss it.... Sunday 14/01/2018 Timing: 6:30pm to 9:00pm Only on Sadhna TV.

Ten Taal on Tabla, Taarana on Harmonium with that Bach would be a triple delight!..;)

Spectacular... apart from the honking in the background 🙂

Really I bow down this Devi ji so amazing in sitar Lucky to watch

Madhulika show this to Meera and Marissa.

Good morning sir.... Have a great day.... Daily 4 manikku endhirippeengala?

Thank you sir for sharing...Amazing to see such talented Indian musician...who can emote so ....much of expressions & intricacies...Extremely good..just can't imagine who one can play all violin scores in veena...Hatts off Sri Devi sure she will play compositions of Vivaldi/Bach/Mozart/Beethoven as well😊😊

Happy Pongal to all of you and your family

I wish Bach could hear her perform this! What joy it would give him. Well done, madam.

Every Indian must learn original music and its benefits.

Madam my uncle is conducting Bach festival for the last 25 years in Trivandrum. on july 28. Please come and perfom.


She's amazing playing in sadaku mele song....

Ohohoho! Bach on veena! Heard for the first time. Thankyou so much. It means a lot. I've heard moonlight sonata by Tina S on guitar. But this is rare.

Kaivalya Manoj Raul I know you don't play veena, but still...

Bach would be stunned!!! Amazing amazing work..

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2 days ago

A.R. Rahman
Video image

Being PositiveWhy are so many people negative? Because it take courage to be positive. Being positive also makes your vulernable (verwundbar). And vulnernable is what you ... ... மேலும்மேலும்


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We can't grow spiritually without faith on God nor we can please him. Without faith on the Almighty, it's impossible to get closer to him. Faith can move mountains. As Kabir Sahib says "If you seek me earnestly, you will find me in a moment". Am there in Faith. Watch sakranti special on sadhna TV

Rahman Bhai assalam alaikum I was going through one of your Judge shows and came to know that your Mom is not feeling well, with Allah blessing she will get well soon Bhai

There is nothing positive from your end to expect others to be positive. The End.

One and only ARR 🎧🎤🎧🎧🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼🎵🎵🎹🎹🎻

I think negativity comes when we have wants and desires and expectations...and positivity comes when we realise we r born to be givers.A God/Godesses on earth ,to give with love without expecting..

Dear Rahman Sir you must have seen various shows and heard numerous thoughts in your life but now its d real time to watch a most important episode which will surely turns your attitude towards life and worshipping God its going to come on Sadhna Tv channel on 14 january 2018 from 06:30 pm to 09:15 pm. Its a humble request to you pls dont miss it. Take me as your well wisher...

Good evening sir (please I request for one music you making sir) sir ,I am R.silambarasan I will make (write and singing )one song sir ,that song Damu duppu doomu duppu dengu duppu dum Doomu duppu demu duppu dangu duppu dum Vaanga mappu enga mappu aamaam maappu dum Adaam mappu appadi mappu amukku mappu dam Vanga mappu vanga mappu adan mappu appadi mappu DAMU duppu doomu duppu dengu duppu dum Doomu duppu demu duppu dangu duppu dum )this song sir after lines our tamil new year lines (tamil putthandu )please please this my dream sir

Strange as it might sound, there are many variances in thought process. When i was growing up in chennai, i used to be negative-positive & in US it used to be positive-negative. There is no 1 path to follow, it has to be & always will be mixed of the both as far as human psychology goes!!!

ARR sir super sir ,its all new things introduce to world in your way.excellent

My mobile no 00966509037815 in Saudi Arabia my native in kumbakonam please read sir

Sari eppo Malaysia varinga sir for concert?


Learning a lot frm u sir

Very true sir

My inspiration my hero 😘😘😘😘


always positive




Well said.

💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

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3 days ago

A.R. Rahman

It was exhilarating performing for you Chennai..

The band and I loved it...

Neeti Mohan Shashaa Tirupati Sivamani Ranjit Barot Vijay Prakash Haricharan Alphons Joseph Srinivas Shakthisree Gopalan AR Raihanah BTOS Productions Wizcraft
... மேலும்மேலும்


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An amazing concert.. dint feel like going home.. u r simply great sir.. 😊

Indeed I enjoyed but there was no Hindi tracks - bit disappointing. What a energy Neeti Mohan had... Ultimate Energy! Love you Music Breeze ARR❤

Thalaivaaaaa, thank you sooo much for a great evening 😍 Full Tamil songs 🤗 Felt so good 😀 #NetruIndruNaalai was a trip down the memory line 😍 From Roja to 2.0, 25 years of your musical journey in 2hrs ( wish it was 3hrs min😜) just made us to revisit our life journey for last 25years 😎👍👍

It was an awesome show ! Take a bow ARR and entire team of technicians , support team, musicians and singers. Not to forget Murthy sir and his enthusiastic LEAP Choir singers who brought down the house with Dance / Singing combo during Bailerakka. BToS needs a standing ovation for perfect sound and almost 100 meter long LED panels with soothing graphics. Well done Naz ! This was my first ALL TAMIL song concert and it was more than worth coming all the way from Pune only for this show ! Thank you for the music.... Memorable visit meeting so many fans who were known for past 20 years but never met ! God bless all !

Excellent show , enjoyed every bit of it. Surprised when credits were running and we thought show would end but it was like watching one heart movie live.

thalaivaaaaaaaaa we can't describe in words this concert was just beyond beyond words and Thalaivaaaa we don't know wat to say abt u... we love u thalaivaaaaaaaaa we love u so Much.. the bestest concert ever 😇😇😇😘😘😘

Thank u sooooo much thalaivARR for giving us an awesome treat yesterday nit... Unforgettable day, unforgettable 3hrs in my life forever... #Kaalam nam Thozhan Chennai... #Kaalam nam Thozhan Tamil... #Kaalam nam Thozhan Thamizha... #Kaalam nam Thozhan Mustafa..... Love u sooooo much ThalaivARR....

I felt my mother's unconditional love through in your music there in Netru Indru intimately you were intracting with us Rahman sir.. and your mashup with mustafa and chennai a big hive five with you sir.... naan ungala apdiyeh kootitu parakka vekka poren... yenna oru vaarthaigal...devaamirdham... ungalai yevvalu pugazhdhaalum pathaadhu...yen kadamai ungalai pugazhvadhu... yendrendrum punnagai... Mudivilla punnagai.... indru naan meendum meendum pirandheneh unadhoru paarvaiyileh...ohhh yennuyire❤

A.R. Rahman Sir Pls don't end up any of your concert without giving us a treat of #Dilse_Re😍😍😍😍 Plssssssssss sir.....

What a concert it is Sir. Right from your entry to the end u and ur band made us mad. Was literally shouting from the first to last. Every song is the highlight of the show but these 5 moments are the epic one . Mustafa mustafa , aalaporan thamizhan,Putham pudhu bhoomi, uyire in your voice.,Jaiho. .. thank u rahman Sir for entertaining us more 25 years to come <3 <3

Dear God, it was awesome concert can't express this from words really we enjoyed it #Uyire in your voice OMG heart melted and I finally I met you but my next wish is want to see you closer and want to your see your cutiee smile from next to you this is enough for my life time.. Finally Loveeeee youuu Soon muchhhhh Thalaivaaaaa 😘😘

It was a great show sir but missed Hindi tracks, hope to see you again please upload the pictures of concert meet and greet

Kaalam Nam Thozhan Thamizhaa ❤❤❤ It was a fantabulous experience ARR sir.. We wanted to see you sing more.. More.. 😀😇😄😍😍😎

What is the use of all these without worship of God, must visit for complete spiritual knowledge and complete salvation

Loved it so much .. kudos to u thalaiva.. you make us feel very proud.. Show was fantabulous 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻watta music👍🏻👍🏻. Everything was amazing.. especially the people who played the guitar and the sittar.. ayyayo Vera level..No words to explain.. We loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much thalaivaaaaaaaaa

Full Tamil songs..felt soo good and proud:-)Bringing out the new version of old songs was amazing esp Putham Puthu Boomi had a great time missing out rap war from last concert and Neeti's performance on was superb in Thiruda Thiruda but didn't felt the connection with other songs making it obvious she didn't know Tamil missing the feel of it. It's a mind blowing lifetime experience. Thanks for it 😊😊👍

We didn't want to go home.. Wanted to hear u sing the whole night.. 😁😀😍😍😱 Such an amazing experience.. Love you ARR.. Respect.

It was probably the best concert sir. We enjoyed a lot. I loved all your improvised version of song. Thank you so much for your love through Music.

The energy of Alphonse in Aaromale, aalaporan tamizhan, thalli pogathe by sid sriram, kids singing Kara aatakara, modified version of Putham pudhu Bhoomi and all songs after the small break are the highlights

Rocking concert. We hadd nice musical treat. Thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone had performed very excellent. Vera level Rehman avargale!! 😲 😯

If you have got a life of 2 days, then dancing will sing in it, then life will go in vain. Many human beings get good body due to the good deeds which are available for the devotion of God, which is the perfect part of any birth which is so good Put the knot in the worship of God, put the name of the absolute Lord in Samaran so that your life can not be wasted, who is full divine. Must watch वृंदा टीवी 9:30PM

I am feeling very bad for not attending the concert sir. I am a die hard fan of yours but still I can't make it.......................😔😔😔😔

It was great....but expected few hindi songs I m a huge huge fan of yours ....ll love anything n everything coming from u sir! Thanks

It was Verithanam... Especially the second half Musthafa and Chandralekha-Yepppa andha akka yenna voiceu..👌Devananth Somasundaram Aswathama Ramkrishnan

That was an awesome concert sir.. Thanks for giving us some mesmerizing music 😍 Privileged to witness such a great concert 😀🙏🏽

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